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What makes a woman? - Women’s Edition Podcast

May 3, 2019
Hear from cyclist Kristen Worley on XY and DSD women, testosterone, old ideologies and human rights

Welcome to the Cyclingnews Podcast Women’s Edition brought to you in association with Sportful, Pinarello and Floyd's of Leadville.

In this episode Kirsten Frattini, women’s editor at Cyclingnews, speaks with former cyclist and human rights activist Kristen Worley, who just released her memoir, "Woman Enough - How a boy became a woman and changed the world of sport."

We take an in depth look at the guidelines set in place by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for transitioned XY women and the newly proposed regulations set by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for women with differences of sex development (DSD), recently deliberated on at the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) in the Caster Semenya vs IAAF appeal.

We highlight the problems and controversies surrounding the rules, and the need for more scientific research and medical expertise when creating policy for these individuals. We also take a look back at the evolution of gender verification testing from the so-called 'nude parades' to 'sex-testing' and the current forms of testosterone testing used today.

Part of our discussion circles around how old ideologies have impacted women in sports, including cycling. And we discuss how policies have affected athletes’ human rights.

Worley was born XY male, named Chris Jackson, and fully transitioned to XY female having undergone sex-reassignment surgery in her late 20s. She was forced to undergo gender verification processes to obtain a licence to compete as a woman.

She went on to challenge the IOC along with the World Anti-doping Agency, UCI, Cycling Canada and the Ontario Cycling Association, outside of the CAS, in the court of civil law at the Superior Court of Justice and then the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in Toronto.

Her case brought attention to the lack of scientific research behind the policies, practices and protocols in place for transgendered and biological women with higher testosterone levels. She also demonstrated how the IOC’s guidelines filter down through the international federations, such as the UCI, and into the national and provincial rules at the lower levels of sport.

Worley currently gives educational discussions around the world on the subject of diversity and inclusion in sport. She also acts as a consultant on human rights to The Cyclists’ Alliance founded by Iris Slappendel.

To learn more about the heated debate surrounding the "IOC Consensus Meeting on Transgender Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism" guidelines for such individuals competing in sport, testosterone uptake, and gender verification practices read our in-depth feature Policing Gender Boundaries.

We hope you enjoy our discussion with Kristen Worley.


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