The Cycling News Podcast

Landis: Lance, redemption and the future

November 6, 2018

The full and exclusive interview with Floyd Landis

 In this episode editor in chief Daniel Benson travels to Leadville, Colorado to interview Floyd Landis. Leadville sits around two hour’s drive from Denver, at over 10,000ft in altitude, and it’s where Landis now splits his time with New York, and we spent close to three days with Landis to talk about his past, his present and his future.

 Landis’ place within cycling’s history has been well covered, from his rise through the ranks to this positive test in 2006 and the loss of his Tour de France title. In the years since he has gone through a doping confession, a huge fall from grace and several legal battles. The former rider’s path to peace is now in full swing but we look back through the last 12 years of Landis’ life – his struggles, how he has tried to find redemption, his relationships with both Lance Armstrong and cycling in general, and his hope for the future as he embarks on team sponsorship.

 This podcast was recorded in Leadville Colorado, in the final week of October 2018. As a warning, it contains light profanity.